To be a good engineer

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After almost 4 months studying about the Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, now I’m getting more interested in Mechanical Engineering. I already learned about the steam power plant, cooling system, metal material, what should Indonesian Engineers do in the future, etc. I also realized that there are some things we found in our daily life that is related with Mechanical Engineering, for example is Air Conditioner and refrigerator which we use almost every day.

In my opinion, this subject (Introduction to Mechanical Engineering) is very important because for people who study about Mechanical Engineering, this subject is the basic knowledge. Everything I have learned in this subject may help me in the future when I work at some company or maybe in my own company. This subject also builds a good character for a mechanical engineer in the future and also teach about how can we contribute to the development of this nation.

As an engineer, it is important to have a good character and should be a discipline person. Because if an engineer does not have a good character, they only work for their own benefit, they don’t think about their own nation. There are many Indonesian Engineer who works in other country because it offers a high salary. They only think about how to become a wealthy person. They are smart, but does not have a good character and they don’t love their own country.

In this subject, I was told that Indonesia has to reduce imports and make its own product. There are so many people that can help Indonesia to make some product such as car, motorcycle, AC, etc. But, as I told before, those people do not care about Indonesia. They are enjoying using import products and only work for money.

So, this subject is very important. I learned about the basic knowledge of Mechanical Engineering. I also learned about how to be a good engineer some day and love my own country and contribute to its development.

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