Intro to Mechanical Engineering

Name               : Christianus Gerry Wijaya      NPM               : 1706064334

Email               :      Mobile phone  : 0822202766xx

Intro to mechanical engineering is a subject that has been successfully changing my paradigm about mechanical engineering. It has changed my point of view into a certain ways that I believe will makes all of the candidates in this class understand what mechanical engineering is. In this class, we always being persuaded to use our brain actively by having a presentation, group discussion, question and answer session. In this class, we always talk about energy as our main thing. Understanding steam power plan and fridge system is 2 vital parts that being emphasized every meeting. Personally, I think, intro to mechanical engineering is the only thing that will be a bridge for our own mind to think deeper about mechanical engineering. Furthermore, Mr Raldi is the most suitable teacher to teach about this subject. His knowledge about heat transfer will help us a lot to understand mechanical engineering. After knowing this subject, I know that intro to mechanical engineering has play its own purposes to make us understand about mechanical engineering in a deeper way.

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